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AroundTown Bedrijfsuitjes Rotterdam

AroundTown has its origin in the love for the city and the design and management of leisure programs. Through years of experience in organizing events, the company transforms into a higher-level professionaliteits. The experstise Timo van Schaik care for a greater approach than just events. AroundTown grows to maturity and sees himself as “Destination Management Company”.

AroundTown his organization prepared for the next 5 years. The organization is flexible, flexibility is expected from everyone at this time. It is a network company, where only specialists are needed (Always in the middle and Alone togheter). Around Town is situated in the metropolitan life. Nothing escapes his notice that the city has to offer because he feels daily the streets and know what’s going on. As a Paperboy (Streetwise and young at heart) who daily the city as a stage. Works with a network of other professionals. The best paper boys bring the most serious news with pleasure. (serious fun). When events right action is of great importance. Each program has its own character. Besides arrangements AROUND TOWN has a drive to tailor make its programs. He is a true Master Program. The highest level what is to be gained.

AroundTown says it all, it all revolves around the towns … At first, particularly in the Netherlands. But London and Berlin beckon.

The arrangements now outline the atmosphere. But the events are delivered to size the opportunity to actually show the difference. What has been done / is, after all, is who you are. These times call for dynamic visibility. If you experience it live.

If there is space, there will be a lively intake, which, after analysis, released a program that is exclusively tailored. Every city, every business has its character and we vote the event off. Main activity is the design of a program drawn up in detail, with nothing to be desired. After that, as a matter of course put everything into operation to create the program. Full service. Without any overhead.

AroundTown wants the city / metropolis have come into its own. His programs are like a marriage between city and principal. High-grade corporate matchmaking between meaning and significance city. Experience harmonious experience, if everything goes without saying. AroundTown understands the art of delivering quality corporate experiences. Experiences that are an extension of an organization. Seamless response to the significance of your organization.

TukTuk Rally (english)

AroundTown deals with what is found in a city. Gather loose elements that he can use to offer you a wonderful overall experience concept. Each city has its own fragmented experiences. They’re in the community AROUND TOWN. For example: speakers, guides, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, small and large restaurants.
All typical and characteristic of the character of the city. Above-quality professionals.
Can be used when needed and desired.

The greatest strength lies in the visibility and evidence. Hence this exercise.
Be a certain way of branding needs to be found that matches who AroundTown. So practical and feasible to the visibility can be worked.

AroundTown promised harmonious and appropriate “destination management programs” or “Events” design that connect seamlessly to the nature of your assignment, city and organization to a cool experience.